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"The scariest part of [government] is the absolute power they wield. Justice isn't just blind, it's also deaf, dumb and armed." -- jbird976@youtube

Banning plastic shopping bags was an excellent idea. Now instead of getting half a gram of plastic every time I go to the shops that gets thrown out when I get home, I have to buy 200 grams of “re-useable” plastic every time I go to the shops that gets thrown out after sitting in a pile in the laundry for a year first.

Dear devs,

It's NEVER ok to lock people out of a webapp because their User-Agent doesn't match your predefined list. 😡

Especially webapps they need to manage their healthcare.

(I am in fact using one of the browsers on this list, your code just isn't able to tell.)

:boost_love: Please boost for basic education.


It's painful to become free. It's dependent on keeping morals for their own sake and demands constant vigilance. The gross way is to delegate your freedom to others who don't have your best interests in mind. Never settle.

okay straight-up

when facebook comes to the fediverse we gotta be prepared

we gotta make it untenable for them to remain here

block them en-masse at the very least, as a baseline, as a start

we gotta make them know in no uncertain terms their corporate fuckery is NOT welcome here

do everything in our power to sabotage their experience and make them fuck off forever

they wanna embrace and extend so they can extinguish us

it's war and we're in their corporate crosshairs

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As part of a wave of layoffs, I got laid off from my backend development job last month as the company's financials I was working with have been steadily decreasing. I applied for another job shortly after, and after a month of interviews and an honestly great response from their team, at the last minute, they told me that they were focusing their hiring efforts away from the US and towards Singapore. With Calckey donations, I don't have enough money to pay for rent or groceries. So I'm asking to
#GetFediHired, I'm the lead developer on the Calckey project, and I'm a fullstack, multi-language developer. I have 3+ years of enterprise experience, and I work great on teams as well as solo. Resume and references available upon request.

I just had a epiphany;

Hate crime is not when you say or do something out of hate.
Hate crime is when you say or do something that other people hate.

The wicked world is finally starting to make sense to me.

I'm thinking about the best way to handle some clients that use Windows.

It's a lot of fun that I have Guix's powers but at the same time I'm locked here, unable to cross compile shit for them.
I hate windows.

So options are: work in an easy to cross-compile language (zig? c? c++?) or work directly on something I know that it will work (java? aaaaa).

Also I want to make statically linked binaries because relying on the clients for installing stuff is just... impossible. [1/2]

following up on Meta joining the fediverse, I agree we have to resoundingly reject them.

Google and Facebook destroyed adoption of XMPP with the embrace, extend, and extinguish strategy. Now I need 8 different chat apps to talk to all my friends.

@tubetime look out for any old banks, maybe even some dusty old crypto, it may be useless but the nostalgia makes up for it

If European farmers are forced to abandon 10% of farmland, this will lead to:

👉Increased food prices
👉More imports of unsafe food that does not meet EU standards
👉Even a global famine
👉Farmers out of business



Does anyone know of any small program that exposes the Linux "vitals" (CPU %, disk space, network I/O) on json-over-http? Will run on private network, so performance and security hardened isn't a priority.

Please boost.

Read my lips:

An audio show that can only be played in an Apple player on an Apple device is not a podcast.

An audio show that can only be played in Spotify is not a podcast.

Repeat ad nauseam for any other proprietary audio show platforms.

A #podcast is an #RSS feed with enclosures of audio files which are playable across the whole ecosystem of podcast players.

Any reporter who reports on exclusive audio shows and calls them “podcasts” are doing a grave disservice to their audience. is about G👀gle's #GoogleIsSpyware hypocrisy, but something else in that document actually bothers me more:
"the Chrome Root Program continues to explore introducing future policy requirements"

Since Google essentially monopolized the browser 'market', they (alone) now dictate, through policy *requirements* what is and is not allowed on the www/internet. 👀

Not 'rough consensus' among stakeholders, just them.
Was probably already the case though and I just noticed it :-/

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