@sirlan_ff00ff Coincidentally I was just reading an article by the development of s6 (skarnet.org/software/s6-rc/why) that happens to capture why a lot of contemporary low-level software (both embedded and system software and the toolchains around them like rust) sucks:

> [systemd and launchd] have been developed by companies and associations, not individuals, and despite the licensing, they are for all intents and purposes closer to proprietary software than free software; they also suffer from many of the technical flaws of enterprise software design.
> As a result, and despite being backed by tremendous manpower, they have been very poorly thought out. The manpower goes into the coding of features, not into architecture conception; and the architects were obviously not Unix experts, which is a shame when it's about creating a process 1 for Unix. This is apparent because:
> They have been designed like *application software*, not *system software*, which requires a fairly different set of skills, and careful attention to details that are not as important in application software, such as minimal software dependencies and shortness of code paths.

And ~8 others are ready-to-go... But no steady supply of RPi4 CM

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When is Raspberry PI 4 CM shortages going to end? So I can put this I/O system on the market.


My mother (93 now) lost her near-term memory days after 2nd Pfizer a year ago, and nearly overdosed on her Codeine painkillers (28 tablets in one day rather than 2) because she forgot she already took them.

A few months ago she was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and received a pace maker.


So uh, this morning took an interesting turn. This little miss flew into a window and decided to use my head as a perch for a bit while recovering [cn eye contact/selfie video]


Ont i foten? DU ska inte komma och snack om ont i foten... Karl XII hade varit jävligt glad om han hade haft ont i foten.


Q; "Why is Meta/Facebook deploying Artificial Intelligence?"

A; "Because they are lacking Natural Intelligence."

@gbraad I wonder how many in the world have not been PCR tested once...I am one, but surely it must be many, or?

@Paygan 😃 I don't have the time to do anything reasonable. A few years ago, I spent 2 long evenings messing with UE4, created a draft racing game with the assets/funcationality/template available out-of-the-box and realized that while it is a fabulous tool, I don't have any good ideas of what to do with it.
I'll stick to IoT and other embedded systems for now.

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