Without the protections, economy of scale is a race of diminishing returns and growing overheads, so centralization/monopoly/oligopoly is extremely hard to reach.



Everything is always about "context", or in this case; The Right Tool for the Common Fool.

RPC is awesome -- if you know what you are doing.

ReST is awesome -- if you know what you are doing.

@galdor @bonifartius @Sophistifunk

I find it hilarious that people perceive Firefox as a bastion of freedom when it makes it impossible to install add-ons which have not been signed by Mozilla. You cannot add new signing keys. You cannot event install your own unsigned add-on on your own Firefox instance on your own computer.

Imagine if #Emacs did not let you install a package if it was not signed by the FSF…


I also imagined a kick back, and came to think about the day when my brother-in-law was using a crowbar to disassemble some pallets.
He slipped, stumbled and hurt himself on a tire (just standing there doing its thing), and his short temper burst out and smacked the tire with the crowbar. Tire didn't like that and sent the crowbar straight into my brother-in-laws forehead, passed out and bleeding. But with a few stitches he was as good and dumb as before.

@eriner @GettingCooked

Just a reminder, when a cop points a gun at you and you react as if your life is in danger, you get shot and the cop walks free.

When you point a gun at a cop, if the cop reacts as if his life is in danger, you get shot and the cop walks free.



Personally, I am "slow", but more often than not, I am more productive than others, because I don't rush down the wrong path straight away, and make it easier for myself to change my mind, change my approach at a later time.

A lot of philosophies, even religions IMHO, around this topic. "Water fall" = figure everything out before we start to write code, and "Agile" where we force feed every small feature the quickest way possible (IMHO, wasting future time), are the extremes.

Programming is very expensive, as hourly cost is often ~$80-150 per hour, and even small projects takes weeks and months.

There are a lot of inefficiencies in the field. Some because we can't figure out how to do it, or do it fast enough, but more common is that we make the wrong thing and/or something that will cost a lot more later to keep alive.
And with time, that is called "Ball of Mud", since that is how clear the software is written.


I think it is. It is a pure import business, pretty much the same as my father did decades ago, albeit a different (and faster moving) industry, industrial electronics compared to silk screen printing.

It is primarily a matter of keeping solid customers (defense, automotive, airspace, mining, ++) happy and a finger on the trends and new products.


Not bad, I like it. A lot better than anything I created back in the "Tracker" days on Amiga.



No, I am just curious about what music that people create without being professional.



Well, on one hand I think I can make a shameful offer and if he doesn't find someone else, I think he will take it, because he intends to withdraw a decent amount of cash from the firm before handing it over.

OTOH, With 3 major projects (2 manufacturing and 1 set of installations at truck service centers) on my lap at the moment, I don't think I have time to spend after taking over, so I would need to find a trustworthy CEO as well.


Where would it get the music from?

"offline" without a library will equal silence...

I mean, I just put "Random" on my player and let it loose on my 1000+ songs in my local lib of music, curated by myself.

@dj Not sure what you are getting at.

1. I don't have TV.
2. I don't have a living room.
3. I live far from Colombia (assuming you are there from your flag in the nickname).

@admin @caekislove

Unlike you two, I am not a racist and don't judge people by group belonging but the individual's behavior and action.

So take your authoritarian nonsense and BS somewhere else.

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