Aired once in 1998 on the live SNL show, then banned and never aired again


BREAKING: Disney warns that while piracy is safe, and it is convenient, and it does allow people to access high quality versions of music, movies, and TV shows for vastly reduced costs, that the hypothetical lost revenue may also impact their share price, and limit the capital on hand for political lobbying.

Oh, the irony. A stern(-ish) warning from Facebook because of a joke. They can fuck off right away!
The irony of course is that @elonmusk specifically allow jokes on #twitter and Facebook helping him prove a point.

Back in the day, in Denmark, there was a tobacco brand called "Singapore Shag". Hilarious.

only deutsche bahn could cause a delay so bad the train is delayed a entire season

i get why disinfo is dangerous, but you know what's even more dangerous? a society of people who don't know how to tell the difference between truth and fiction.
@fightknightHERO But "fucking" women does hurt them. Being used for sex and reduced to sex, any sexual act outside of the loving christian marital union causes immense pain, trauma, suffering and literal brain damage that harms future abilities to pair bond. Sex is not just a fun play thing it has a lifelong impact

Do you not understand that this is the problem? Girls and women are traumatised and brain broken from being treated as a piece of meat the moment they start going through puberty, and some men will go to extremely horrible lengths to get that satisfaction from them.

Some women lean into it and sexualise themselves to give in to such demands and cope by saying it takes some sort of power back, some women become sex repulsed and begin to hate men. But ultimately we all are hurting inside

people ask 'why is open source software so poorly designed' and then they get into industry and realize that all b2b software is even worse. then they go back and try to use something they used to use a couple years ago & can't figure it out. because it turns out that almost all software is poorly designed, but we overlook the workarounds we do for the flaws in the software we're most accustomed to, and to the degree that open source software is exceptionally bad, it's because it's made by professionals during their off time or built on some proprietary software that had its source donated to apache or something. when people make software that scratches their own personal itches, that software is easy to use in that particular domain.

Once again that time of the year to support an important open source tool.
KiCad has become a very professional development endeavour and even if you don't use KiCad day to day like me it's very important this tools exists and gets supported.
Chip in if your finances allow it.

My hard drive was overheating so I added some ventilation holes to improve the air flow 👌
#DIY #HandyWoman #WomenInTech

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