@deprecated_ii ok, nursing bras for $25 if you don't have special (valid) medical reasons for pump n stuff. vs. the formula racket raking in constant profits.

this is 100% about more profits and grtting women to work sooner as generating profits for someone else is the purpose in life.

I made this digital painting this morning as a warm up.

Q: The NSA is building a new code-breaking supercomputer, what is this project's slogan?

A: Intel inside.

What the Azov logo looks like vs What liberals see (as learned through hard experience). πŸ˜‚ 🍾

Socialism in a nutshell.
Whether that is Marxism proper or the state-powered crony-crapitalism that we have in most of the West, where the State "redistribute" billions to people like Musk.

First steps with the Helium Network. Signed up and configured a temperature sensor. Tested it in nearby town, and coverage is decent.
I might consider using this instead of deploying ThingsNetwork gateways myself.

i hate front-end engineers
i hate front-end engineers
i hate front-end engineers
i hate front-end engineers

The Power Mac G4 series had a tool-free hinged case that dropped the entire mainboard horizontal when opened. The patents on this design have to be expired by now. All desktops should be using this feature.

@Nazz Glass like metal, is an infinitely recyclable product. It is efficient, easy and attractive in all generations of use.G lass is neither scarce nor difficult to harvest. It is environmentally inert, it is biologically safe, it does not impact the lives of creatures except to give them a broader degree of spaces to make their home or to accrete to. It becomes a part of its environment and with the passage of time is so totally subsumed as to fade away entirely. It's inherently attractive, like a gemstone. The processes of nature work upon it and make something inherently fascinating and precious to the beholder. Junk glass can be easily taken and wrought by artisans into beautiful things with ease.

Anyone who tells you that recycled plastic is good for the environment is someone who is phony. They care only because the puppet masters of the television race says that they should care. True environmentalism is incompatible with them. They're told to feel a certain way, they feel that way, and seek for ways to lighten the guilt carefully draped around them like a mantle.

They're not possessed by a spirit of stewardship and responsibility. The overwhelming sense of awe and spiritual wholeness nature provides isn't known to them. They're just possessed by a desire to feel less guilty.

They're your moral inferior.
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