Online safety bills will bring nothing more than censorship and 0% safety tbh


"Bust"?? What law is being broken?

We need to express our disgust for police and military in more expressive fashion.
Whenever you interact with a government employee, remind them that they work for a gang of thugs and evil people.

Project manager: "What's technical debt? Explain it to me like I'm 6 years old"


I connected my #XMPP account with JMP Chat and installed emacs-jabber. Now I can send SMS from #Emacs :D

I haven’t ported over my current number yet so I have to convince everyone that it’s me on a new number when I reach out to someone haha

You'll own nothing... That's actually been true for MANY years now.

Death rates compared between the jabbed and us others.

It doesn't surprise me one bit.

The #WebP #security vulnerability CVE-2023-4863 demonstrates a huge advantage of the "distro" approach of shipping software, like #Debian pushes so hard to deliver. We see a mad scramble for many software vendors to ship with the patched version of #libwebp. In the distro model, the patch is shipped in the single lib package, then all of the software automatically uses the safe version. This leads to shorter times to get fixes to users with much less work overall.

Who would have thought the #chatcontrol proposal is being pushed for by the AI industry? Great investigative piece into the lobbying effort to break encryption and to roll out unprecedented surveillance of private communications in the name of protecting children.

Sweet SystemD, when did this happen? I remember being at like 1K or something.
I mean - I'm flattered :D I hope to not disappoint you!

Not only is corporate media like @ap predictably running hit pieces on Rumble for its crime of not obeying censorship orders of the neoliberal establishment, but British media outlets are explicitly threatening that Rumble will be banned from the UK under its repressive new law:

The LibrePlanet committee is looking for talks, discussions, and workshops for all ages and experience levels. As always, we welcome any talk related to free software that fits one of the following tracks: licensing, security, community, social context, hardware, freedom ladder, free software documentation, free software in government, education, and more. Submit today for #LibrePlanet2024: Cultivating Community: by Wednesday, October 25, 12:00 EDT (16:00 UTC).

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