WOW! Google placed advert for FAKE ROLEXes.

should sue Google for a few billions.

The short version, of why I couldn't "believe", even as a small kid...

To my Javascript aficionados out there, and think that JS is always easy to read.

Sequestering CO2 from atmosphere... Piece of cake!

* Effective
* Cheap
* Mature and Proven
* Sustainable

Where do I collect the prize?

So, one can claim the earth is flat, satan is walking among us, politicians are lizards, moon landing was a hoax, George Bush blew up the World Trade center, homeopathy is a valid medical procedure, and tarot card reading can change your life for the better.

But not talk about whether election fraud is a thing or not.

What's next to be banned and indirectly admitting guilt?

Can someone care to explain electricity pricing??

My cousin lives in SE2 and a neighbor <1km away lives in SE3. WTF? I bet it is the same cables.

Yet, in SE4, we pay roughly the same prices as Germany, although an ocean or a country away.

I am convinced that all this is a fabricated crisis.

Eurorack Modular Synthesizer to experiment with digital processing of audio signals. RISC-V, 16MB Flash, USB C, SDcard slot, 4 Analog In, 2 Analog out, 1 Dig (5V) In/Out, 4 pots, 4 RGB LEDs, 4 push buttons

Target price; $42 (semi-assembled), $65 (fully assembled)

Hardware & Software;

When is Raspberry PI 4 CM shortages going to end? So I can put this I/O system on the market.

Ordered prototypes for a RISC-V based Eurorack Synthesizer Module, suitable for algorithm development and even for other people to sell OEM with dedicated functionality. Open source software library available.

Main features;
4 Potentiometers
4 Buttons
4 inputs, 12 bits, +/- 10Volt DC
2 outputs, 12 bits, +/- 10 Volt DC
1 bi-directional, 5V digital for trig,++
32MB flash

Semi-assembled price will be $42, fully assembled $64.

Any takers?

Socialism in a nutshell.
Whether that is Marxism proper or the state-powered crony-crapitalism that we have in most of the West, where the State "redistribute" billions to people like Musk.

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