A RS232/RS485 modem on 433MHz that I made in 1992. Only 30 units were made, and I think this is the last surviving one. Probably ~1.5kg worth of metal, PIC processor for handshake, but almost only analog components.

ChatGPT says; "" Please note that my knowledge is based on information available up to September 2021, and I do not have access to events or developments that may have occurred after that date."", yet could answer this.... What gives?

Forth contains its compiler in the runtime! So, you can always compile/evaluate Forth source code in runtime.

So for me, each expansion module has a small EEPROM with the source code to execute the functionality of the module. Yet, can easily be updated by simply modifying the text in the EEPROM.
So, why stop at expansion modules. I am putting an EEPROM on the carrier board, which will contain the "driver" for it.

Loving It!

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In 1999, the movie industry made a prediction for 2009...

I have opened shop for new products, meant for but using myself in my energy optimization business.

Many more to follow in the next few months.


Launching beta-trials; Colibri, an open-source, modular, low-cost automation system for building, home and light industrial automation with LoraWAN focus.

Ideal for systems integrators, makers, hobbyists and energy solutions companies.

Programming at 3 levels; STM32CubeMX, Arduino IDE or Forth. Goal: OpenPLC compatible.

Docs; stm32world.com/wiki/Colibri

Contact me for additional information or if you are interested in participating in trying out and developing the concept further. Please BOOST

A lot of boards arrived... A lot of fun programming ahead... Empty panels with stencils to try getting Pick-n-Place machine operational.... Good Times, No Time.

Modern Microservices Architecture - Remove the spaghetti code, and put it in the network instead.

Serious transport damage on the pick-n-place machine that I bought.

They managed to knock the 24mm steel "leg" clean off, then put cargo straps on the weak lid, so whenever they turned right, the 1500kg machine tried to rest on the missing leg and push up on the strap, squeezing the lid.

And it is not worth fighting the insurance company. Just cost me a lot of time and will get nothing from it.

Insurance firms are some of the biggest scammers out there.

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