Modern Microservices Architecture - Remove the spaghetti code, and put it in the network instead.

Serious transport damage on the pick-n-place machine that I bought.

They managed to knock the 24mm steel "leg" clean off, then put cargo straps on the weak lid, so whenever they turned right, the 1500kg machine tried to rest on the missing leg and push up on the strap, squeezing the lid.

And it is not worth fighting the insurance company. Just cost me a lot of time and will get nothing from it.

Insurance firms are some of the biggest scammers out there.

Medical Assistance In Death, i.e. government sanctioned murder of own population.

WOW! Google placed advert for FAKE ROLEXes.

should sue Google for a few billions.

The short version, of why I couldn't "believe", even as a small kid...

To my Javascript aficionados out there, and think that JS is always easy to read.

Sequestering CO2 from atmosphere... Piece of cake!

* Effective
* Cheap
* Mature and Proven
* Sustainable

Where do I collect the prize?

So, one can claim the earth is flat, satan is walking among us, politicians are lizards, moon landing was a hoax, George Bush blew up the World Trade center, homeopathy is a valid medical procedure, and tarot card reading can change your life for the better.

But not talk about whether election fraud is a thing or not.

What's next to be banned and indirectly admitting guilt?

Can someone care to explain electricity pricing??

My cousin lives in SE2 and a neighbor <1km away lives in SE3. WTF? I bet it is the same cables.

Yet, in SE4, we pay roughly the same prices as Germany, although an ocean or a country away.

I am convinced that all this is a fabricated crisis.

Eurorack Modular Synthesizer to experiment with digital processing of audio signals. RISC-V, 16MB Flash, USB C, SDcard slot, 4 Analog In, 2 Analog out, 1 Dig (5V) In/Out, 4 pots, 4 RGB LEDs, 4 push buttons

Target price; $42 (semi-assembled), $65 (fully assembled)

Hardware & Software;

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