There was a time when I carried this as hand luggage on two flights, without any problems.

Now a nail clipper is potentially a problem.

If you ever go to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (highly recommended), make sure to order the "Carcass of Lamb".

Daily FORTH snippet #3

Here we call the previously discussed program stored in the eeprom in the expansion board. The returned function pointers are stored in respective arrays that are allocated according to how many expansion slots (only 3 at the moment, max 8)

After that, "init" pointer is fetched from function pointer array and executed. It returns the number of channels (one channel per tick is processed) and that is stored.

Daily FORTH snippet #2

This is the source code for the 0-10V Analog Input expansion board. I.e. the code that sits inside the EEPROM mentioned in FORTH snippet #1.

No comments, because first batch of boards were only made with 2kB of eeprom.

At the end is the return of the function pointers, that was mentioned previously. The tick (') is "get address of next token.

Daily FORTH snippet #1

Reads FORTH code from an eeprom in source code format and compiles it. Expects to return the XT (function pointers) for 4 functions that will be attached to the 'tick' cycle, handling the I/O module hardware.

From American Heritage Dictionary (see image)

1. The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals.

That only sounds like The State itself, the jackboot on our necks.

Britannica concurs;

Note that FBI (and others) can't define "Terrorism" without invoking "criminal acts", i.e. legal system rather than morals;

But ALL so called EVIL countries had LAWFUL governments.

I don't use Facebook regularly. I tried to login, can't remember the password. Went to "Forgot Account" and got the following "Temporarily Banned"

Can someone explain? Is one dimwits and slow people allowed to use Facebook?

I love the title. Only a Woke government would have tried to make the change over a couple of months, for diversity and inclusion's sake. Maybe should have started with bicycles, then cars, then lorries and finally trucks?

Q; Biden and Trump in huge front collision crash. Who survives?

A; America.

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