When is Raspberry PI 4 CM shortages going to end? So I can put this I/O system on the market.

Ordered prototypes for a RISC-V based Eurorack Synthesizer Module, suitable for algorithm development and even for other people to sell OEM with dedicated functionality. Open source software library available.

Main features;
4 Potentiometers
4 Buttons
4 inputs, 12 bits, +/- 10Volt DC
2 outputs, 12 bits, +/- 10 Volt DC
1 bi-directional, 5V digital for trig,++
32MB flash

Semi-assembled price will be $42, fully assembled $64.

Any takers?

Socialism in a nutshell.
Whether that is Marxism proper or the state-powered crony-crapitalism that we have in most of the West, where the State "redistribute" billions to people like Musk.

I made this device in 1997;
1. EXOline protocol on RS-485
2. I2C to talk to EEPROM with calibration parameters.
3. SPI to talk to D/A converter
4. 1-wire to communicate with up to 8 external DS18B20 temperature sensors.

All done in a Microchip PIC16C73, which has 192 bytes and 2k PROM.

a. maximum size of EXOline packet is ~240 bytes, so couldn't buffer the whole packet.
b. Each 1-wire has a 64 bit address, so 1/3 of RAM for those addresses.

WTF?? Brave browser rewards me for the ads that it shows. In March, I earned BAT6.326 (as seen on screen to the right), but I am only awarded BAT0.25, both in the pop-up "Your Reward Amount" as well as the actually add, so my grand total is now BAT16.500

Anyone seen something similar? Anyone any clues about what is going on?

Fuck! I have to retract all my claimed prowess in Java.

These don't produce the same output!!!

Who was the brain dead idiot at Sun that made that decision? How many bugs have I introduced in my code?

Evergreen at it again!!
Were/are they part of the Canadian Trucker protests?

Capture, Storage, Analysis and Visualization of Sensor and IoT Data. sensetif.com

Poll data from Http endpoints or "The Things Network" (MQTT in the works) at regular intervals. Store it up to 10 years.
Visualize with Grafana.

Starting beta testing... Sign up or contact me for more information.
Launched on Fediverse first!

What a bonus if that happens!! A big boost to everyone's well-being and probably to productivity too.

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