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Gad Saad tears Sam Harris a new one in no uncertain terms. Sam Harris is by far the worst case of TDS we have seen so far.

Just learned that Mythbusters weren't technically allowed to get all those explosives they've been using, so they worked it out by pitching scenarios to the local bomb squad and getting their experiments classified as "training exercises".

Which means every time the bomb squad was present on set the experiment was an "exercise" and since the squad has to prepare for the unexpected, they certainly got what they came for.

More bomb squads should have training deals with their local mad scientists.

Just admit you're losing ad revenue and grasping at straws to make it up, you penny-grabbing space-ruining cunt

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@niclas haha, no problem, i agree wholeheartedly :)

even if you loosen the conditions it's nearly impossible here.. the monthly imposed fees are the killer, minimum 200€ mandatory health insurance, ~19€ for the public broadcasting assholes, there are probably more i forget now. if you don't want to or can pay those things out of pocket you have to apply for social security and those fuckers really tighten the thumbscrews to have you take any job.

otoh i'm becoming an expert in bleeding the state at every corner possible ;) maybe i should write a book on it.

Oh boy I can't wait for electric vehicles with smart charging so people wake up to their cars being on 5% battery because it wasn't windy enough overnight during a heat wave or cold snap
@scathach I'm okay with outlawing gas stoves if the purpose was to build all homes with rocket mass heaters instead

Medical Assistance In Death, i.e. government sanctioned murder of own population.

A rare thing, too.
The universe tends toward entropy.

One day around 32,000 years ago, an arctic ground squirrel ate parts of a plant, silene stenophylla, including its seed. The squirrel was digesting it when its life ended.

Its body was recovered from permafrost and examined. Scientists germinated this plant seed. This silene stenophylla just bloomed.

It is 32,000 years old.

The strength, the vitality and stamina of living things β€” of life itself β€” is incredible.

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