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Maybe we have just bred a couple of generations of whiners, who are unable to handle inconvenience, debate and basic philosophy.

I am sure you know the
Hard Times -> Good Men -> Good Times -> Weak Men -> Hard Times.



To me it sounds like you are making the assumption that most admins want go down this path, but you started with what most of us (admins) don't want. I fail to see how both can be true at the same time.

Do you mean that admins who are anti-defederation will fold to user pressure? Rather than trust the "don't want those users anyway" attitude?



Right, but doesn't that mean that there will be one larger cluster of people who don't defederate and numerous islands of people who are in their respective preferred "safe space". Isn't that Ok?

I want the bazaar and the pub, but you might want your living room.

Just curious.



Elon: "Piece of cake. I am confident that I can whip up a phone brand with 10 models while solving world peace and ending hunger."
<3 days later>
"Oh, nothing I can steal? Look over there, I am confident that..."

people ask 'why is open source software so poorly designed' and then they get into industry and realize that all b2b software is even worse. then they go back and try to use something they used to use a couple years ago & can't figure it out. because it turns out that almost all software is poorly designed, but we overlook the workarounds we do for the flaws in the software we're most accustomed to, and to the degree that open source software is exceptionally bad, it's because it's made by professionals during their off time or built on some proprietary software that had its source donated to apache or something. when people make software that scratches their own personal itches, that software is easy to use in that particular domain.

Once again that time of the year to support an important open source tool.
KiCad has become a very professional development endeavour and even if you don't use KiCad day to day like me it's very important this tools exists and gets supported.
Chip in if your finances allow it.

My hard drive was overheating so I added some ventilation holes to improve the air flow 👌
#DIY #HandyWoman #WomenInTech


I tend to agree... Is there really a problem?

If "most think that defederation is not wanted", doesn't that mean that most are not defederated by definition?

And those who wants to be outside that larger cluster have all their rights to do so...

Maybe I am missing something important here.


@KiKi88 When I went to school there was one kid who only had thumb and ring finger, which had warped 90 degrees and formed like a crab claw.
He used it to electrocute himself with 16000 volts (train's power lines) and survived, more weird than ever before with almost all muscles in one leg gone and whole body looked like a chess board.


You shouldn't try to sleep while you are driving, even if you have travel plans for next day... 😂


As a #FPGA development module this is pretty awesome. ColorLight I5 + extension board. Combined < $50 including shipping.

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