imagine wanting to abolish the police but not the regime. ancom big brains.



There are no morally legitimate and rationally consistent anarcho-communist persons in the world.

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@niclas i just wonder why there are to many of them. why are european anarchists nearly always the faux kind. can't be only history, the french had their own mutualism thing going after all. maybe it really all is the fault of indoctrination by the schools. *ramble


Speaking from my own journey;
Socialism in general is so much stronger in Europe, and I think that comes from schools. The socialist penetrated the education system early, and nationalized schools (strongly promoted by the left) made it easier to do so, than other parts of the world.

@bonifartius Although I always wanted to be left alone, do my own thing, not have a job (but customers) and hated all kinds of authority (state, religion, doctors, teachers,...), I didn't call myself an anarchist until about 10 years ago, because one one hand it stood for "chaos an mayhem" and when I looked it up, the first reference I came across were socialist communes and such.

Stefan Molyneux was the first I heard to mention anarcho-capitalism, and building the case from first principles.

sorry this is a bit rambling again, day has been long and i'm not in the best mood:

we're currently trying to build something of a more independent life, but holy fucking smokes is it hard here in germany. _everything_ is designed to make it hard, and i'm doing ok-ish wrt luck in life.

would be so easy to just give in. on the other hand, i'm not really in the mood to let the fuckers win. i just can't grind 40h in a shit job and put children through the indoctrination camps that are public schools.

there's no escape anyway. almost every country in europe killed off homeschooling now or made it so hard it only exists on paper. the US don't seem to be better off in other areas, maybe except for gun rights. the rest of the globe is most likely going to sink down into more bullshit wars.

people here see that something is completely broken - like public broadcasting, politics in general - but instead of just abandoning it, the fools want to "fix" it.

on top of this covid bullshit left me with such a distrust of people it's not even funny anymore. so many people acted like the fucking red brigades. i feel like a freaking enemy spy for just wanting my fucking peace :tiredcat:

Yes. The "social contract" doesn't need our approval/signature, because there is no way to "exit".

1. Passports; We "belong" to a country, and not allowed to reside in any other place than that country's geographic monopoly.

2. Taxes; Even if one is totally self sufficient in food and shelter, one has to pay property taxes. That means one need to interact with the rest of society, hence not self-sufficient.


3. Laws & Regulation; Even if I don't interact with any other people, far out in the woods, all the laws and regulation still applies to me. Building codes, sewage systems, licenses for growing food, and so on.

I don't know what it takes for people to wake up. But I think it is only a matter of time. And the events in Eastern Europe in late 1980s, leading up to German reunification and the fall of USSR.


The elite think they have a lot of power in "law enforcement", but when law enforcement is faced with "all the people", they often just switch side, since they are also "just people".

Example; In Illinois there were just a gun control bill signed into law. Majority of the Sheriffs in the State just went; "We ain't gonna enforce that", because I think they know that there will be violent resistance to it, by potentially million people.

@niclas haha, no problem, i agree wholeheartedly :)

even if you loosen the conditions it's nearly impossible here.. the monthly imposed fees are the killer, minimum 200€ mandatory health insurance, ~19€ for the public broadcasting assholes, there are probably more i forget now. if you don't want to or can pay those things out of pocket you have to apply for social security and those fuckers really tighten the thumbscrews to have you take any job.

otoh i'm becoming an expert in bleeding the state at every corner possible ;) maybe i should write a book on it.

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