BREAKING NEWS: With The West's Recent Repeal Of The Mandate, The Coopsters' 'Slant-Eye Slaughter House' Is Now Operating At Full Capacity

Derek Chauvin's Cohorts Concerned They Will Receive A Similar Sentence With Only A Fraction Of The Fame And Glory Lavished Upon "Their Boy" Mr. "Chauvin-istic Pig"

Fan Ad Where Asian Lady's Eyes Widen/Whiten Deemed 'Not Racist' Given Precedence

Man Canceled For Hating (Himself For Forgetting It's) Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Racist White Couple Arrested For Beating An Oriental (Sorry, An Asian) Carpet

Woke Community Wishes Jackie Chan Would Just Handle His Problem So They Can Get Back To

Woke Community Embarks On Nationwide Campaign, Asians Really Wishing They All Didn't Look Alike: "I no Chinese, why you speak fo' me?"

New Law Requires Asian Massage Parlor Workers Work In 'Whiteface', Massage Parlor Owners Worry Less 'Happy Endings' To Come

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