Black Couple Confident Has Made It So White People Won't Take Advantage Of Them Anymore. This Couldn't Be Further From The Truth As Sales Agent Is Ripping Them Off So Hard, It's Actually Quite Sad...And Comical.

The Coopsters No Longer Supports , Turns To God And Updates Profile Accordingly

Blue Light Matters () Movement Off To A Good Start As It's Been Able To Capitalize On The In Roads Made By Previous Franchises

After Being Briefed On The Potential Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding In Guinea, Officials Have Decided To Focus Their Efforts On Continuing To Terrorize American Cities With Defunded Police: "Guinea's new president appears to have terrorizing their population under control."

Black Supremacist Group Confused As To Why White Supremacist Groups Are On The Rise

NOAA Reassures Residents Of New Orleans That Hurricane Ida Supports

Academy Of Derelicts Declares Portland 'Best Shit Hole 2021' With Seattle A Close Runner Up: "Both downtowns remain boarded up from , but in Portland, its so depressing that people don't visit. This gives us homeless plenty of room to spread our urine soaked junk everywhere."

Jessica Maiolo Responds To Woke Mob (Now Representing Fat Kid Dying Of COVID): "If you want to see my cooter, you'll have to take me to dinner, but before that's gonna happen, lose some weight fatty."

Burns Down Cleveland, Ohio, Mayor Responds: "Why our city?"

The CIA Announces New -Inspired Plan To Distribute Crack Cocaine In Predominately White Neighborhoods

The Systemically Racist NBA Has Disproportionately Drafted Blacks, To Reflect The Changing Demographics Of America New -Inspired Legislation Will Require 50% Of All NBA Players Be Hispanic

Private Prison Lobby Pressures Congress To Pass -Inspired Legislation Demanding More White People Be Incarcerated: "It's important that inmate and societal demographics align. Anything less is racist."

US Government Reveals Extraterrestrials Have Been Visiting Earth For Thousands Of Years, Supporters Concerned News Will Divert Public's Attention: "Hyper-advanced lifeforms from another planet has nothing to do with black people!"

Derek Chauvin Requests Sentence Be "An Eye For An Eye", Where A Black Guy On Fentanyl Leans On His Neck For 9 Minutes, Afterwards Everyone Can Move On As If Never Happened

Congolese War Lord, Matumbo Limbsoffsie, Doesn't Understand The Phrase 'Black Lives Matter'

Woke Twitter Mob Reports Nigeria Has Been Taken Over By White Supremacists: "Why else would an African nation not support our constant rhetoric and ad hoc censorship?"

US Immigrant That Escaped Persecution In Native Country Shocked By How Much Of A Southern Racist He Has Become: "If I hear about another riot or that I must always believe a woman, I'm going to to KKK my way through Time Square."

Cofounder Purchases Large Georgia Plantation: "Now I just need to get me some of them border migrants to keep the grounds nice."

Legoยฎ Updates 'Cops and Robbers' Set After Woke Mob Calls Out Their Inaccurate Representation Of Black People

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