Executive Producer Of Lowly Rated Batwoman Now Realizes She Shouldn't Have Fired That One Writer With The Best Idea For The Show

Woman Feels She Should Be Doing Something More Important With Her Life Besides Putting Plastic Crap Into Boxes

Man Has Mixed Feelings This Saturday Morning: "Today I don't have to act, but in two days I have to act again."

Dick Cheney Says His Inspiration To Turn The US Into An Evil Empire Came While Playing Darth Vadar In 'Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi'

US Relieved Biden Is Speaking More Coherently, Also Sloth From Goonies Accepts Job As Biden's Body Double

World Agrees To Simply Forget About Evergrande And Let The Next Generation Deal With The Fallout

Man With Too Much Time On His Hands Not Quite Sure What To Do With Himself

Bored US Justice Department Decides To Meddle With Defunct Airline Industry

Man Accumulating Work From Home Jobs Faster Than He Is Being Fired From Them For Not Working

Cancel Culture Enthusiasts Foolishly Assumed People Wanted To Work

Remember, Friday September 24th Is 'Feel Bad For Ugly People' Day.

Raise Awareness, Wear Your Ribbon.

Reggae Artist's Latest Single Raises Awareness Of The Importance Of Gettin' Irie With Jah

In A Last Ditch Effort To Get Country Fully Vaccinated, Nancy Pelosi Will Blow You

Good Smelling, Strait Edgers Meet At Classical Music Recital And Have No Plans To Keep In Touch

"If Amazon says it should be legal, then it should be legal."
- Anne Milgram (DEA Director)

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