For Thousands Of Years, Rushing Water Has Shaped This Rock Into The Ultimate Skipping Stone, A Curse Upon God Should A 5 Year Old Girl Try It Out

Nostalgic Mario Names Latest Painting 'The Good Old Days', Seems To Have Forgotten Those Clouds Threw Bombs At Him, The Water Was Deadly Toxic, And The Hills Swarmed With Koopa Troopas

Local Man Worried His Memory 'Not What It Use To Be' After Talking With Chronically Stressed Neighbor Who Is Surprisingly Calm Today: "I think you might have a screw or two loose, I've never had a wife and kids."

Western World Excited For Two Days Of Home Chores Followed By Another Week Of Work Chores

Mario Bomb Is Muslim, But Doesn't Appreciate Everyone Assuming He Is

Amid New York City's Skyrocketing Violence, Partial Solar Eclipse Shot 4 Times In The Face

D̶r̶.̶ Jill Biden Prepares For Job She's Better Qualified For Than Current Male Counterpart

Trump Was Right All Along, Bleach Down The Cake Hole And Light Up The Poop Chute Cures COVID-19

BREAKING NEWS: Anthony Weiner To Serve As News Correspondent For The Coopsters

AY-YAY-YAY NOTICIAS: Carlos Danger To Serve As News Correspondent For El Coopstérs

Scientists Prove Racism A Fundamental Force In The Universe: "Without racism, the universe would explode."

Sociopath Meteorologist Reports Sun Now Dim Enough To Stare At

Snooty Tent City Residents Pass Zoning Law Prohibiting Cardboard Homes

In An Effort To Sidestep California's Ban On Brass Knuckles, Manufacturer Now Offers 'Knuckle Revolver'

Amazon's Places 'Broke Monopoly Man' In Slideshow, G7 Convinced And Waives Their Global Corporate Tax Requirement

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