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Like with all the commodities with increasingly scarce supply and high demand, the time has come for #IPv4 addresses to also become a speculative asset.

Not the kind of thing that you'd buy to run your little server, but the kind of thing to hoard on and use as the aluminum foil to wrap and back your corporate bonds.

Just when you think that the enshittification of our industry can't get any worse, here you go with news of somebody creating money out of thin air backed by IP addresses.

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Oh fantastic. Someone assigned a CVE to an invalid bug report. Of course it's rated "critical".

Now I have to file for a rejection again, while thousands of "vulnerability report sites" copy each others bad summary of the CVE text making it worse with every copy.

The whole CVE system and the "security research industry" at large is a steaming pile of 💩


Hey do they make some sort of portable device for audible that a tech-challenged elderly person with real poor eyesight could possibly figure out?

My Mastodon instance doesn't accept me to post images anymore. What could be the reason for that?

Brackeys was one of the most valued educational creators for Unity game engine.
He retired after the Unity Runtime Fee happened and broke all trust with the company's management.

Today, 2 hours ago Brackeys has published his first Godot tutorial...

#Godot #Unity #GameDev #IndieDev

Alphabet rant 

"X" is a useless waste of space.

Why would you give "KS" its own character? Why? Is spending 1 µs of your life writing an "S" really that big of a deal?

And also, of all the cool possible consonant combinations that could've had their own symbol, why "KS"?

You have things like "TH", "SH" or "CH" which are totally different sounds, yet don't have their own character. But "KS" does. What?

#alphabet #rant

If you don't like what a company is doing... don't keep buying products and services from them.

Use your money (life force) to support what you want more of and stop the flow of resources to what you see as being harmful.


All Your Base Are Belong to LLM

"The output from an LLM is a derivative work of the data used to train the LLM.

If we fail to recognise this, or are unable to uphold this in law, copyright (and copyleft on which it depends) is dead. Copyright will still be used against us by corporations, but its utility to FOSS to preserve freedom is gone."

#FOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #LLM #AI


The Fediverse is one of many communities within the free and open source space that are struggling from an inability to keep politics separate from the projects that people participate in. Giving rise to social contracts in the form of codes of conduct that had been written with the intended purpose of fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. Instead had been used to gatekeep and exclude those of differing politics or ideologies from their own. Something that in my humble opinion is not in keeping with the spirit of free and open-source software where anyone can contribute regardless of their walk of life. The issue is that fascism has been thrown around these days to the point where its meaning has been diluted down to just acts of perceived authoritarianism.

Anything short of physical violence or on-going harassment, particularly toward targeted individuals for immutable traits they possess, is fair game in my opinion. People should resort to ignoring those people wherever possible and isolate them through distancing, rather than by going out of their way to prosecute them for their backward beliefs. Freedom of Speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence, and distancing yourself from people who hold backwards views is the natural way we have secluded people with harmful views for millennia now. The same can easily extend online to simply blocking the individual and moving on. Where I draw the line is when people have gone out of their way to circumvent the measures put in place to block communication for the sake of harassment, at which point removal from the community should be considered as a last resort and not a moment sooner.

Empowering people to remove toxic aspects from their lives rather than relying on the government or a community to do so for them is something I feel that will ultimately help our society prosper rather than the sheltering and echo chambers we see today. That said, fediblocking is often used as the first line of defence to such an extent that the greater Fediverse pokes fun at Mastodon instances for facilitating block-happy echo chambers. While I do agree that such an extreme measure will have to be taken eventually, I do think that responsible communities should treat it as it is, an absolute last resort that should be used when all other avenues have been exhausted. I.E, communicating with the instance's administration first, performing a risk assessment on the ratio of genuinely malicious to non-malicious users before then taking action to fediblock.

Calling someone a slur or making a statement that may not sit well or otherwise align with your values are not reasons to fediblock entire instances. I know plenty of good people among "the usual suspects" that I actively associate with because the few degenerates among them do not represent their instance in its entirety. I truly do wish more mastodon users and instances would understand that rather than going on to fediblock entire instances over one person for guilt by association.

We're in the current year after all, not the Palaeolithic era. We need to identify this nonsense for the tribalism it is and work on moving past it.

#meta, #altfedi, #darkfedi, #fediverse, #instance, #mastodon, #twitter, #blocklist, #fediblock, #censorship, #politics, #queer, #freedom, #freedomofspeech, #freedomofexpression, #humanrights,


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