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Thunderbird is an email client with built-in support for PGP encryption.

Messages are encrypted/decrypted in the client and remain encrypted on email servers, this is client-side encryption.

Some email providers support PGP encryption server-side, this method could be vulnerable to third-party decryption of emails.

Client side encryption:

Mastodon: @thunderbird

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Whatever you do, do it because it's the right thing to do, according to you.

Don't do it because you expect someone else to thank you. They probably won't thank you anyway.

Humanity’s relationship with big business and big government has forever been ruptured.

Does it benefit governments and large businesses to have their relationships with the people destroyed?

Are they aware of the permanent harm that has occurred?

Ask yourself how and why

Would tyranny, wars, and debt end if 60 million Americans protested in Washington, DC?

Would tyranny, wars, and debt decline if citizen groups started arresting politicians for passing unconstitutional laws?

I think it’s my god given right as an American to own anti aircraft man portable rocket launchers so that when helicopters are flying overhead when I’m trying to sleep I can take them out of the sky

Socialist's Guide to Property;

a) Private Property - Stuff I want to Steal from You.

b) Personal Property - Stuff I don't want stolen from Me.

Libertarians must fight the whole world because everybody hates freedom.

Income tax is where they steal the money you just made.

Sales tax is where they steal some money because you wanted to spend it.

Property tax is where they steal some money because you live somewhere.

Debt is where the bank steals money you haven’t made yet.

Inflation is where they steal the money that somehow hasn’t been stolen or spent.

They do care. They love the boot that is stepping on their face. They worship it even and hate anyone that doesn't
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