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GitHub - githubnext/monaspace: An innovative superfamily of fonts for code

The Monaspace type system is a monospaced type superfamily with some modern tricks up its sleeve. It consists of five variable axis typefaces. Each one has a distinct voice, but they are all metrics-compatible with one another, allowing you to mix and match them for a more expressive typographical palette.

#font #typography

The Associated Press just served me an ad for fake anti-virus. The entire page was taken over, and forwarded to the malicious site, within seconds of opening the news article, every time.

An ad blocker isn't just something to hide some annoying eyesores, it's a vital layer of security.

If you have friends or family who might fall for fake AV or "windows technical the department" scams, they *need* an ad blocker. No site they visit can be considered "safe" unless it simply doesn't have ads.

@lola he still is acting in the sytem of "state", but at least he seems to be a step in the right direction!

you might like larken rose

Wow, even have removed access to The Guardian’s translation of bin Laden’s “Letter to America”. I thought they had only one job and it was the exact opposite of that.

Here’s one of the few journalists with a spine making the case for why you should be allowed to read it:

Biden invoked the 1950 Defense Production Act (DPA) to $169 million to companies to accelerate electric heat pump manufacturing.

"Today’s Defense Production Act funds for heat pump manufacturing show that President Biden is treating climate change as the crisis it is," added John Podesta, the White House clean energy czar

Me: grift

This is so cool:

UK contemporary sculptor known as Anna & the Willow creates nature-inspired sculptures made from rods of willow

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