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100MHz FM transmitter from 1982, 25 Watts that we used for 3 months of non-licensed radio broadcast. A few coils in power amplifier are missing, and 2N6081/2N6082 (wrong marking) replaced the very expensive original BLY87/BLY89 (~$80-100 for a pair in those days!).

In 1997, when we still had 56k modems, if your website took 10 seconds to load, you lost most of your users. Today, Outlook spins for 20 seconds on a 300 Mbps connection, despite being in cache, and everyone is somehow fine with this regression.

This is without counting the lengthy SSO loop that we need to repeat every morning, because "remember me" is also no longer a feature in 2023, it seems.


Made me recall a terrifying moment in grade 7 (13 year olds). The prettiest girl in class (maybe the whole school), suddenly, in class, announced "Niclas and I are getting married!!"
Big "WTF?" from the whole class, ME included (I had no crush on her).... "But not with each other!"


I find it funny that Mastadon claims to want more substance and less memes yet I can’t even write out a long paragraph with out reaching character limits that are way to short:

Taxes are the price they say we pay for a civilization. In light of recent results, I want my money back.

I wonder how much Python code that was “just a proof of concept” is now in production?

Biden administration cancels years-long attempt to drill in Alaska

ChatGPT says; "" Please note that my knowledge is based on information available up to September 2021, and I do not have access to events or developments that may have occurred after that date."", yet could answer this.... What gives?

Remember the times when "liberal position" was kinda like "I don't give a flying fuck what you do, whom you have sex with and all of that for as long as it's all between consentng adults, nobody's hurt and if I don't have to watch" and the "Nazi position" was "you'll watch what I say, you'll like what I say, or else"?
Guess I'm real old.... 🤣

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