I am confused with the "communist" and "anarchist" claims, and wondering if you could explain a few things.

As an anarchist myself, I think that I have full control over my body, my mind and to benefit from my actions.

I think I have the right to engage in voluntary interactions with anyone I want.

I think that no one has the right to initiate aggression towards me.

I think owning things is a consequence of owning yourself and the fruits of your labor.


Thanks... Interesting read, but I interpret the WIkipedia article that he was trying to satisfy the "Authoritarian Socialists" (IMHO, that's the only type in practice) that "authority" isn't really necessary, albeit flip-flopping on his on view about that.

My gift back;



@niclas @Hesperion im not watching this. im retching just from the thumbnail and description. if you're going to argue for private property over absolute bullshit may i tell you right now to go fuck yourself out of my mentions


Nice attitude there. Is rudeness common and popular in your circles? Together with echo chambers and not allowing oneself to listen and understanding alternative viewpoints?

Just curious.


@niclas @Hesperion dude i was learning about the capitalist viewpoints when i was a teenager. its not your little video thats going to show me the true wisdom of private property. i treat it like i would any other rancid ideology that has justified the horrors of capitalism so far and would leave me for dead the minute i'm not a good investment. you're arguing with blood on your hands and i have no time to be 'friendly' with you. dont expect it



And 200 million dead under socialist rule is not "blood on your hands", just because "not done right, next time..." argument?


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@niclas @Hesperion lol. what could this even mean. 'sharing resources kills people' and other things capitalists will tell themselves with a straight face

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