I am confused with the "communist" and "anarchist" claims, and wondering if you could explain a few things.

As an anarchist myself, I think that I have full control over my body, my mind and to benefit from my actions.

I think I have the right to engage in voluntary interactions with anyone I want.

I think that no one has the right to initiate aggression towards me.

I think owning things is a consequence of owning yourself and the fruits of your labor.


I think I should be free to pursue my life in any way I want without anyone else forcing anything upon me. People can reject interacting with me, can decline trading, can disallow me on their property, and so forth.

Do you agree with this? If not, what is it in that list that is objectionable and why?

If you agree; How can you then square that with any socialist ideology, since it has at its core those are built upon forceful redistribution of wealth. Theft.

Honestly curious.

@niclas only selfish libertarians see redistribution of wealth as theft. what i build is not for my ego and personal profit. if i earned more than enough i would be glad to see it redistributed as fairly as possible. society built me and i cannot exist in vacuum


@CobaltVelvet IF I don't give, and someone else take it, then it is theft. It is against my will.

And since you can't have people walking around and taking anything they want, you will end up with some people having that power, and you are now in a society with RULERS, and "AN-Archy" is an exact definition "No Rulers".

I don't mind your redistribution of wealth per se, only the "by force" part.

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@niclas how did you get what is to be redistributed? thru the good and fair capitalism? lmao.

then i'm an authoritarian communist for you ; no patience for greed while ppl are homeless and begging for healthcare. and no patience for those who are too busy worrying about their personal privilege to care about others


Alright. So I will remain confused why there are people claiming both the "anarchist" and the "socialist/communist" label at the same time.

As an anarchist, I don't mind at all that you have a communist society/village/town/region. I just don't think that it can succeed, and I would prefer to not participate and simply go live elsewhere.

Good Luck!

@niclas as an anarchist, i won't be free while a landlord owns my home, while a boss owns the means of production, while healthcare isn't free and universal, etc. it's actually quite simple when you don't assume those to be acquired or irrelevant. my communism is the infrastructure of anarchism - and if it's easier on the privileged it's not anarchism

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