Socialism in a nutshell.
Whether that is Marxism proper or the state-powered crony-crapitalism that we have in most of the West, where the State "redistribute" billions to people like Musk.

@niclas I don't think redistributing wealth to billionaires is socialism

@Hyolobrika Did I hurt your feelings? I agree that I am stretching the definition, just a little.

Just like many people say that we have Capitalism in the West (we don't), it is likewise easy to claim that "Welfare" is a sure-tell-sign of socialism, and "Welfare to Corporations" is more prevalent than one can imagine...

i think @Hyolobrika meant that our systems can't call themselves "socialist" precisely because of the fact they redistribute wealth to the obscenely rich.

at least how i read it ;)



And by the same token, you can't call our existing systems Capitalism, since we have no free markets.


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@niclas won't argue that point. we have totally fucked up systems here. my favorite are the ~250 different public health insurances in germany, which by law all have to pay the same things. one public insurance would be enough, imagine the savings. health care would be nearly free.

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