Reasonable Colors is an open-source colour system for making accessible colour palettes.

It uses an intuitive system of shades to help you select colours which meet the appropriate WCAG contrast rating, even if you're mixing and matching base colours:

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@chriswood There is a lot of "wrong" in UI designs nowadays... Especially the tendency to put dark gray text on light gray background, making it near impossible to read on mobile phone for me, especially when the stupid phone insists on dimming the background light in dark rooms...
(sorry, for ranting)
Your palettes are almost fine for me on the computer monitor, no idea what happens on phone display, which is where most my problems are. Thanks for trying!

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@niclas I can't take credit for this I'm afraid - it's the work of Matthew Howell at Reasonable Company. You can find out more about his work on his company's website:

I do agree with your point about inaccessible design. As someone with good vision, it can be aesthetically pleasing to scroll through a app design showcase website like Dribbble with designs that have low contrast text, but it would be exluding to implement choices like that (not to mention a pain to use)

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